On the 1st and 2nd of November, the Cannons Motorspares Tin Top Championship went to Brands Hatch for the last two races of the year. They were a support race to the British Truck Racing Championship. At this event it drew in a big crowd of people to spectate these entertaining races.

The Cannons Motorspares Tin Top Championship is for drivers who want close saloon car racing on a smaller budget. This is for cars much nearer to the road going specification than the Quaife Motorsport News Saloon cars. All the cars have to use road legal treaded tyres from sections 1A and 1B in the MSA ‘Blue Book’. The Tin Tops share the same list of fixtures as the Quaife Motosport News Saloon Car Championship. On many occasions they join the highly modified cars on track to ensure that there are healthy grids at all events so that the spectators get an entertaining race full of battles to watch. Lydden Hill is an exception to this because of it being a smaller track. Therefore, it has a smaller capacity. At some of the other events the Tin Tops have one race to themselves. The closeness of the 2013 championship provides the strongest possible evidence that the Tin Tops produce lots of variety and an exciting competition.

IMG_5966.JPG(Ben Forbes)-©TilleyPhotography

Race one saw Chris Whiteman line up on pole in his Honda Civic Type R. Alongside him was Barnaby Davis in his Toyota Starlet GT. Third on the grid was Tom Bridger in his Rover 220 Turbo, fourth was Vic Hope in his Honda Civic Type R. Fifth on the grid was David Hutchins in his Honda Civic Type R, sixth on the grid was Russell Turner in his Ford Escort. Seventh on the grid was Terry Searles in his MG ZR 190, eighth was Cliff Pellin in his Ford Fiesta, ninth was Lewis Turner in his Citroen Saxo. Tenth was Robert Taylor in his Ford Fiesta XR2i, eleventh was Mikey Day in his Citroen Saxo, twelfth was Robert Farndon in his Volkswagen Golf GTi, thirteenth was Matt Ellis in his Citroen Saxo. Fourteenth was Neil Gardiner in his Rover Metro, fifteenth, was Adam Shepherd in his Honda Civic Type R, sixteenth was Keiron Lehane in his Citroen Saxo, seventeenth was Peter Osborne in his Renault Clio, eighteenth was Daniel Adams in his Proton Satria. Finally at the back of the grid in 19th place was Ben Forbes in his Citroen Saxo. There were some fantastic and entertaining battles throughout the race. Fifteen out of the 19 starters were able to complete the race and take the chequered flag. Davies took 1st followed by Whiteman in 2nd, Pellin came 3rd, Russell Turner came 4th, Hope came 5th, Hutchins came 6th, Searles came 7th, Adams came 8th, Osborne came 9th, Day came 10th, Taylor came 11th, Gardiner came 12th, Ellis came 13th, Lehane came 14th and finally Farndon came over the line to take 15th. Ben Forbes, Lewis Turner, Tom Bridger and Adam Shepherd were the four drivers who were unable to complete the race. The fastest lap times were set by; Barnaby Davies with a time of 54.399 doing 79.93mph, Chris Whiteman with a time of 54.417 doing 79.19mph, Tom Bridger with a time of 56.078 doing 77.54mph, Peter Osborne with a time of 57.365 doing 75.80mph and Mikey Day with a time of 58.680 doing 74.10mph.

IMG_6017.JPG(Barnaby Davies on a flying lap)-©TilleyPhotography

The reverse grid meant that Terry Searles started on pole. Alongside him was David Hutchins. In third was Vic Hope, fourth was Russell Turner, fifth was Cliff Pellin, sixth was Chris Whiteman, seventh was Barnaby Davies, eighth was Daniel Adams, ninth was Peter Osborne. Tenth was Mikey Day, eleventh was Robert Taylor, twelfth was Neil Gardiner, thirteenth was Matt Ellis. In fourteenth place was Kieron Lehane, fifteenth was Robert Farndon, sixteenth was Ben Forbes, seventeenth was Lewis Turner, eighteenth was Tom Bridger and finally at the back of the grid was Adam Shepherd starting in 19th. There were some great battles that kept the crowd in suspense of what the outcome of the battle would be. Only fourteen of the 19 starters managed to complete the race. Davies took 1st, Searles came 2nd, Pellin came 3rd, Hope came 4th, Osborne came 5th, Day came 6th, Adams came 7th, Ellis came 8th, Taylor came 9th, Hutchins came 10th, Lewis Turner came 11th, Russell Turner came 12th, Gardiner came 13th and finally Lehane came 14th. The five drivers who were unable to complete the race were; Tom Bridger, Adam Shepherd, Robert Farndon, Ben Forbes and Chris Whiteman. The fastest laps for this race were set by; Tom Bridger with a time of 1:03.312 doing 68.68mph, Barnaby Davies with a time of 1:04.598 doing 67.31mph, Cliff Pellin with a time of 1:05.047 doing 66.85mph, Peter Osborne with a time of 1:06.562 doing 65.33mph and Lews Turner with a time of 1:07.523 doing 64.40mph.

© Fay Tilley 9th November 2014