IMG_5985.JPG(Freddie Lee on a flying lap)-©TilleyPhotography

On the 1st and 2nd of November Brands Hatch hosted the final two races of the Pickup Truck Racing Championship season. At Brands Hatch, the Pickup Truck Championship was a support race to the British Truck Racing Championship. The Pickup Truck Racing Championship is for competitors participating in vehicles that are authorised by the Pickup Truck Racing Ltd, supplied by SHP Engineering Ltd and built to comply with the championship regulations. These unique vehicles race at a number of UK circuits. This is the only UK based championship that gets to race on the oval circuit at Rockingham, which is the fastest circuit in the country. This championship is highly competitive, it has some of the closest and most exciting racing that you are likely to see. There are a number of young drivers in this championship, who are only just starting their careers, as well as some more experienced veteran drivers, all of whom show a huge degree of trust and friendship which helps to make this a friendly and enjoyable championship.

Race one saw Gavin Murray line up on pole, alongside him was Pete Wilkinson. In third was Mark Willis, in fourth was David Longhurst, in fifth was Michael Smith. Sixth was Paul Jones, in seventh was Anthony Hawkins, eighth was Pete Stevens, ninth was David O’Regan, tenth was Lee Rogers. In eleventh place was Paul Tomkins, twelfth was Nigel Pike, thirteenth was Mel Collins, fourteenth was Freddie Lee, fifteenth was Geoff Dixon. In sixteenth was Neil Tressler, in seventeenth was Dave Weaver, in eighteenth was Charlie Weaver and Nick White lined up at the back of the grid in 19th place. Only 15 of the starting 19 drivers managed to complete the race. First place went to Willis, Longhurst came 2nd, Smith came 3rd, Stevens came 4th, Murray came 5th, Collins came 6th, Tomkins came 7th, Hawkins came 8th, Pike came 9th, Dave Weaver came 10th, Jones came 11th, Lee came 12th, Rogers came 13th, Wilkinson came 14th and Dixon came 15th. The four drivers who were unable to complete the race were; Nick White, Nick Tressler, David O’Regan and Charlie Weaver. The fastest lap was set by Mark Willis with a time of 1:05.035 doing 66.86mph.

IMG_5993.JPG(David Longhurst)-©TilleyPhotography

Race two saw Nick White on pole, Mark Willis in second, Anthony Hawkins in third, Pete Stevens in fourth, Michael Smith in fifth, David O’Regan in sixth, Gavin Murray in seventh, David Longhurst in eighth, Pete Wilkinson in ninth, Paul Jones in tenth, Paul Tomkins in eleventh, Freddie Lee in twelfth, Mel Collins in thirteenth, Nigel Pike in fourteenth, Lee Rogers in fifteenth, Geoff Dixon in sixteenth, Dave Weaver in seventeenth and finally Charlie Weaver started at the back of the grid in 18th. All except one driver finished the race. The one driver who was unable to complete the race was Geoff Dixon. Smith came across the line to take the victory. Longhurst came 2nd, O’Regan came 3rd, Stevens came 4th, Willis came 5th, Murray came 6th, Collins came 7th, Tompkins came 8th, Charlie Weaver came 9th, Jones came 10th, Hawkins came 11th, Pike came 12th, Dave Weaver came 13th, White came 14th, Rogers came 15th, Lee came 16th and finally Wilkinson came 17th. The fastest lap for this race was set by Pete Stevens, with a time of 1:03.482 doing 68.50mph.

IMG_5995.JPG(Pete Stevens, setting the fastest lap)-©TilleyPhotography

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