On the 1st and 2nd if November 2014, the Quaife Intermarque Championship came to Brands Hatch as a support race to the British Truck Racing Championship for the final two races of the season.

The Quaife Intermarque Championship were only awarded championship status last year by the MSA. The championship is in association with Avon Tyres, it also adopts a ‘silhouette’ formula for space frame saloon and sports cars built to strict regulations. They are designed to encourage close competition and keep costs under control. This year the championship was exclusively for hot rod based machines which have a resemblance to cars like the BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK, Peugeot 206 and the Vauxhall Tigra. The grid for race two at each event was partially reversed. Avon Tyres support included discount tyres and some other incentives and RDJ Smith Machinery sponsored a seniors cup for drivers over the age of 50. The championship started and finished at Brands Hatch trucks meetings, had a round at the popular American Speedfest at Brands Hatch aswell as visiting Lydden Hill, Rockingham, Snetterton and Donington Park.

IMG_5968.JPG(Ray Harris)-©TilleyPhotography

Race one saw Matt Simpson on pole in his Vauxhall Tigra, alongside him was Malcolm Blackman starting second in his Vauxhall Tigra.Chris Brockhurst started third in his Vauxhall Tigra, Lewis Smith started fourth in his Vauxhall Tigra, Ross Loram started fifth in his Vauxhall Tigra, David Brooks started sixth in his Vauxhall Tigra, Keith White started seventh in his BMW Z4, Mike Thurley started eighth in his Vauxhall Tigra. Simon Smith started ninth in his BMW Z4, Steve Burrows started tenth in his Peugeot 206. Ray Harris started eleventh in his Mercedes SLK, Danny Russell started twelfth in his Peugeot 206, Mick Robertson started thirteenth in his Help For Heroes liveried Volkswagen Corrado, Richard Smith started fourteenth in his Mercedes SLK, Phillip Young started fifteenth in his Mitsubishi Colt. Malcolm Harding started sixteenth in his Vauxhall Tigra VXR, Mark Fuller started seventeenth in his Mercedes SLK, John Steward started eighteenth in his Vauxhall Corsa. Phillip Blackford lined up nineteenth in his Peugeot 206 CC, Ricky Hunn lined up twentieth in his Peugeot 205. Then it was Colin Gomm in his Mercedes SLK in twentyfirst and finally starting at the back of the grid in twentysecond was Chris Ayling in his Vauxhall Tigra. There were some amazing and entertaining battles during the race. Unfortunately six of the starting 22 drivers were unable to complete the race. Simpson took the chequered flag to take the victory. Blackman came 2nd, Lewis Smith took 3rd, Simon Smith took 4th, Ross Loram took 5th. Burrows took 6th, Brockhurts came 7th, White took 8th, Richard Smith took 9th, Thurley took 10th. Ayling came 11th, Harris took 12th, Harding came 13th, Young took 14th, Russell came 15th and finally Steward came 16th. The six drivers who were unable to complete the race were; David Brooks, Mark Fuller, Ricky Hunn, Mick Robertson, Phillip Blackford and Colin Gomm. The fastest lap was set by Malcolm Blackman with a time of 49.477 doing 87.89mph.

Race two saw a mixed up grid, Richard Smith took pole, alongside him was Keith White in second, Chris Brockhurst in third, Burrows in fourth, Loram in fifth. Simon Smith starts in sixth, Blackman in seventh, Simpson in eighth, Thurley in ninth, Ayling in tenth. Lewis Smith starts in eleventh, Harris in twelfth, Harding in thirteenth, Young in fourteenth, Russell in fifteenth. Steward starts in sixteenth, Brooks in seventeenth, Fuller in eighteenth, Hunn in nineteenth, Robertson in twentieth, Blackford in twentyfirst and finally at the back of the grid Gomm starts in twentysecond. Unfortunately by the end of the race three drivers had already retired and were unable to complete the race. Blackman crossed the line to take the victory, followed by Simpson to take 2nd. Brockhurst took 3rd, White took 4th, Simon Smith took 5th. In 6th place it was Loram, Harris took 7th, Lewis Smith took 8th, Thurley took 9th and Burrows took 10th place. 11th place was claimed by Ayling, Harding took 12th, Young took 13th, Steward took 14th and finally Blackford took 15th. One of the drivers who were unable to complete the race was Danny Russell due to his car starting to smoke towards the end of the race so he pulled it off track to a safe spot and marshalls assisted him to stop the car smoking. The other two drivers who were unable to complete the race were Mark Fuller and Richard Smith. The lap record for this race was set by Matt Simpson with a time of 48.948 doing 88.84mph.

IMG_6013.JPG(Simon Smith driving in race two without a door)-©TilleyPhotography

All pictures used in this story were taken by me at the event. Feel free to follow and tweet me @fc_tilley if you have any suggestions, feedback or questions.

© Fay Tilley 9th November 2014