On the 1st and 2nd of November 2014, Brands Hatch hosted the Quaife Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship for the final two races of 2014, as a support race to the British Truck Racing Championship.

The Quaife Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship is the BARC South Eastern centre’s main competition and has been run under different titles since the 1980s. This is a multi class championship which attracts some of the fastest saloon cars seen in national racing before. The regulations are framed to prevent an unrestricted power battle, they also stop people from getting and enjoying a runaway advantage. Drivers in all of the classes have an equal opportunity to become the overall champion, counting their best 15 results towards the seasons points total. Some bonus points are available for each race, depending on the number of competitors taking part in each class.

Like all three of the BARC centre’s championships, the 2014 Quaife Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship was contested over 16 races on 8 weekends between April and November. Quaife Motorsport News races will feature at high profile events including both British Truck Racing Championship weekends at Brands Hatch.

Race one saw Dale Gent starting on pole alongside him was Rod Birley in 2nd, then in 3rd it was Alex Sidwell, Daniel Clark in 4th, Malcolm Wise in 5th, Craig Shepherd in 6th, Brett Lidsey in 7th, Ian Butler in 8th, Andy Woods-Dean on 9th, John Devereaux in 10th, Tony Skelton in 11th, Nick Proudlock in 12th, Matthew Turner in 13th, Jordan Batts in 14th, Tony Paxman in 15th, Andy Pipe in 16th, Peter Winstone in 17th, Paul Eve in 18th, David Charlton in 19th, Jamie Liptrott in 20th, Graham Richardson in 21st, James Ross in 22nd, Stephen Dann in 23rd, Nicholas Wall in 24th, Martyn Scott in 25th, Mark Cripps in 26th, Berni Baxter in 27th, Andrew Gibbons in 28th, Gary Cole in 29th and finally Glen Rossiter at the back of the grid in 30th. There were some really entertaining battles during this race. At the chequered flag Rod Birley took first followed by Clark in 2nd, Lidsey in 3rd, Wise in 4th, Skelton in 5th, Butler in 6th, Shepherd in 7th, Woods-Dean in 8th, Batts in 9th, Ross in 10th, Dann in 11th, Paxman in 12th, Eve in 13th, Turner in 14th, Charlton in 15th, Gibbons in 16th, Baxter in 17th, Wall in 18th, Devereaux in 19th, Proudlock in 20th, Liptrott in 21st, Rossiter in 22nd, Cole in 23rd, Richardson in 24th and finally Winstone in 25th. Unfortunately Mark Cripps, Dale Gent, Martyn Scott, Andy Pipe and Alex Sidwell were unable to complete this race. The fastest laps for this race were set by; Dale Gent, with a time of 58.669 doing 74.12mph, Daniel Clark, with a time of 1:00.907 doing 71.39mph, Craig Shepherd with a time of 1:01.001 doing 71.28mph, Brett Lidsey with a time of 1:08.181 doing 71.07mph and Jordan Batts with a time of 1:02.804 doing 69.24mph.

IMG_5981.JPG(Jordan Batts on a flying lap)-©TilleyPhotography

In race two, they lined up on the grid in the same positions they finishes race one, the drivers who didn’t complete race one were added on to the back of the grid. Mark Cripps started 26th, Dale Gent started 27th, Martyn Scott started 28th, Andy Pipe started 29th and finally Alex Sidwell started the race at the back of the grid in 30th. There were some brilliant battles during the race but unfortunately four drivers were unable to complete the race. All the drivers who completed the race crossed the line. Birley came 1st, Butler in 2nd, Gent in 3rd, Clark in 4th, Lidsey in 5th, Skelton in 6th, Shepherd in 7th, Batts in 8th, Devereaux in 9th, Ross in 10th, Woods-Dean in 11th, Dann in 12th, Charlton in 13th, Gibbons in 14th, Baxter in 15th, Paxman jn 16th, Pipe in 17th, Proudlock in 18th, Turner in 19th, Rossiter in 20th, Wall in 21st, Richardson in 22nd, Scott in 23rd, Winstone in 24th and finally Cole in 25th. Unfortunately Alex Sidwell, Jamie Liptrott, Paul Eve and Malcolm Wise were the four drivers who were unable to complete the race. The fastest laps for this race were set by; Dale Gent with a time of 56.205 doing 77.37mph, Ian Butler with a time of 58.449 doing 74.39mph, Brett Lidsey with a time of 59.904 doing 72.59mph, John Devereaux with a time of 1:00.311 doing 71.10mph and Craig Shepherd with a time of 1:00.766 doing 71.56mph.

Pictures used in this story were taken by me at the event. Feel free to follow me and tweet me in twitter @fc_tilley if you have any feedback, suggestions or questions.

© Fay Tilley 9th November 2014