On the 1st and second of Novermber the Uk National Cars Championship came to Brands Hatch in Kent for their final weekend of the season. They were a support race to the British Truck Racing Championship. This event drew in a big crowd and the spectators loved every second of the on and off track entertainment.

In the UK National Legends Car Championship the grid places are decided by each driver pulling a ball out of a bag and the number and colour of the ball determines where on the grid they start their first race. Then these places are reversed to give the grid positions for race two, for example if you draw the inside of row one for the first race then you will be on the outside of the back row of the grid for race two. Each driver races three times during the course of one round, scoring points according to the finishing positions in each of the races. At the end of the day the points they scored from each of the three races are added together, then the rounds winners are decided by the points total. Each of the races are short and sharp. Depending on the length of the circuit determines whether the cars race as little as 7 laps or as many as 12 laps. Because of the unique grid system the fast and not so fast cars are mixed in together, this produces hectic action as every driver battles to get forward and try to get the victory. For the final, the grid positions are determined by the points that are scored in the heats. The twist of it is that the highest points scorer starts at the back of the grid and the lowest points scorer starts at the front. The action in the final is more frantic because most of the fast drivers are at the back of the grid and would all be fighting to get forward to the front at the same time. In this championship it is the cars that scores the points not the drivers. This makes the championship more appealing to people who are on a tight budget as more than one person can drive the car so more than one person puts money into competing and running the car.

In race one the results were; James Holman got 1st, Henry King got 2nd, Steve Whitelegg got 3rd, Ricky Legatt got 4th, Paul Simmons got 5th. Nick Brace came 6th, Robert King came 7th, Jean-Michel Poncelet came 8th, Matthew Pipe came 9th and Neil Shenton came 10th. In 11th place came Ben Power, Nathan Anthony came 12th, Jack Parker came 13th, Euan McKay came 14th, Glenn Burtenshaw came 15th. 16th place was claimed by Daniel McKay, Peter Morton took 17th, Kenneth Jensen came 18th, Nicholas Whitelegg took 19th place and Paul McKay took 20th. In 21st came Benjamin Mason, 22nd place was claimed by David Ward, Robin Webb came 23rd, Dean Brace came 24th, Gerrard McCoah came 25th. 26th place was claimed by John Paterson, John Jordan came 27th, 28th place was taken by Lawrence Davey, Pascal Delporte came 29th, 30th was claimed by Will Gibson, Claude Watteyne came 31st and finally Alan Forster came in 32nd place.

Race two saw Ben Power come 1st, Dean Brace came 2nd, Henry King came 3rd, James Holman came 4th, Jack Parker came 5th, Robert King came 6th, Matthew Pape came 7th, Nick Brace came 8th, Glenn Burtenshaw came 9th, Kenneth Jensen came 10th. 11th place was claimed by Daniel McKay, 12th was Ricky Legatt, 13th was Neil Shenton, 14th was Euan McKay, 15th was Jean-Michel Poncelet, 16th was John Paterson, 17th was Nathan Anthony, 18th was Paul Simmons, 19th was David Ward, 20th was Benjamin Mason. 21st was taken by Steve Whitelegg, 22nd was Paul McKay, 23rd was Robin Webb, 24th was Stuart Oliver, 25th was Nicholas Whitelegg, 26th was Gerrard McCosh, 27th was John Jordan, 28th was Will Gibbon, 29th was Lawrence Davey, 30th was Pascal Delporte and finally Claude Watteyne took 32nd.

The final race on Saturday the 1st of November results were as follows; 1st was Dean Brace, 2nd was Jean-Michel Poncelet, 3rd was Steve Whitelegg, 4th was James Holman, 5th was Henry King, 6th was Kenneth Jensen, 7th Lawrence Davey, 8th was Ben Power, 9th was Euan McKay, 10th was Neil Shenton, 11th was Nick Brace, 12th was Glenn Burtenshaw, 13th was Rickie Legatt, 14th was Nicholas Whitelegg, 15th was Matthew Pape, 16th was Paul McKay, 17th was Benjamin Mason, 18th was Robin Webb, 19th was Robert King, 20th was Claude Watteyne, 21st was Daniel McKay, 22nd was Gerrard McCosh, 23rd was Paul Simmons, 24th was Stuart Oliver, 25th was John Jordan, 26th was Will Gibson, 27th was Pascal Delporte, 28th was Nathan Anthony, 29th was John Paterson, 30th was David Ward and finally Jack Parker came in 31st.

On Sunday the 2nd of November in heat one Jack Parker took 1st, Dean Brace took 2nd and Ben Power took 3rd.

In heat two, John Paterson took 1st, Nick Brace took 2nd, Dean Brace took 3rd and James Holman took 4th.

In the final race on Sunday Dean Brace took 1st, Jack Parker came 2nd, John Paterson came 3rd, James Holman came 4th and Lawrence Davey came 5th.

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© Fay Tilley 9th Nobember 2014