Today we are going to be looking into the Formula Vee Festival race weekend at Brands Hatch on the 22nd and 23rd of November. The race circuit in Kent hosted the Formula Vee Festival as a support race to the BRDC Formula 4 Winter Series. There was quite a big turnout at this event, quite a few supporters came and showed their support.

What is the Formula Vee Festival?

The Formula Vee Festival is a one weekend event. Competitors get one 12 minute qualifying session in which to set their fastest laps which will set their grid places for the two 12 minute races that they get over the weekend. The cars have to be made out of Volkswagen components and comply with all the rules and regulations that are set by the organisers of the event.


(Peter Gregory and Daniel Pitchford)-©TilleyPhotography

On Saturday the 22nd of November at 9am the Formula Vee competitors lined up in the pit lane in their cars ready to go out for the 12 minute qualifying session. The track was damp and and greasy with cloud overhead. During the qualifying session a few cars had slides and spins throughout the session. Ian Perrin had a slide going up Paddock Hill towards druids, managed to recover himself and join onto the track again. Unfortunately he had to pull the car off at the Paddock Hill bend and put the car out of any danger zones, he got out the car and went and stood by the marshalls. Then a few laps later Alex Jones pressed his brakes as he was approaching the end of the pit straight, he had no grip and his car ended up going straight into the gravel trap at Paddock Hill bend. Luckily Alex climbed out the car and was okay, he had no injuries. He was only shaken up and annoyed with himself because he didn’t feel that he had done good enough, even though he did not know where his laps would line him on the grid at that time. It ended up being that Alex lined up in 13th place on the grid overall. Ian Perrin, the other driver I know to have parked his car off track, lined up at the back of the grid in 25th after not setting enough lap times. There times are as follows;

Martin Farmer – 1:06.283
Adam Macualay – 1:06.710
Daniel Pitchford – 1:07.300
Craig Pollard – 1:07.322
James Harridge – 1:07.486
John Bowles – 1:08.051
Ian Buxton – 1:08.438
Jesse Chamberlain – 1:08.449
Jimmy Furlong – 1:08.503
Stephen Morrin – 1:09.739
Anthony Mitchell – 1:09.817
Mathew Perks – 1:10.275
Alex Jones – 1:10.786
David Hughes – 1:10.936
Gavin Buckley – 1:10.997
Paul Taylor – 1:11.837
Tim Joslyn – 1:12.421
Brendan O’Brien – 1:12.811
Mick Sammon – 1:13.083
Sam Engineer – 1:13.094
James Millman – 1:13.382
Steve Bailey – 1:13.541
Jamie Harrison – 1:13.915
Peter Gregory – 1:14.022
Ian Perrin – 1:26.729

All twenty-five drivers lined up on the grid, Martin Farmer was on pole, Adam Macaulay was in second, Daniel Pitchford in third, Craig Pollard in fourth, James Harridge in fifth, John Bowles in sixth. Then in seventh place on the grid was Ian Buxton, eighth was Jesse Chamberlain, ninth was Jimmy Furlong, tenth was Stephen Morrin. In eleventh lined up Anthony Mitchell, twelfth was taken by Mathew Perks, Alex Jones took thirteenth, David Hughes took fourteenth and Gavin Buckley took fifteenth. Sixteenth was claimed by Paul Taylor, Tim Joslyn in seventeenth, eighteenth was claimed by Brendan O’Brien, nineteenth was taken by Mick Sammon. Then in twentieth place on the busy grid was Sam Engineer, twenty-first was taken by James Millman. Twenty-second was taken by Steve Bailey, lining up in twenty-third was Jamie Harrison, Peter Gregory was lined up in twenty-fourth and finally in twenty-fifth was Ian Perrin. There were a lot of amazing and entertaining battles throughout the race. Unfortunately only twenty out of the starting 25 drivers managed to complete the race. Pollard came across the line to take 1st, Buxton came 2nd, Farmer came 3rd, Taylor came 4th, Pitchford came 5th, then it was Morrin in 6th, Furlong in 7th, Buckley in 8th, Hughes in 9th and Perks in 10th. In 11th place it was Mitchell, Chamberlain came 12th, Joslyn came 13th, 14th was taken by O’Brien, in 15th was Harrison, Bailey in 16th, Engineer in 17th, Sammon took 18th, Gregory came 19th and the last driver to cross the line was Millan. The four drivers who didn’t finish the race were Alex Jones, James Harridge, John Bowles and Adam Macualay. The driver who set the fastest lap of race one was Daniel Pitchford, with a time of 1:11.096 whilst doing 61.16mph.

Then it was onto race two which was scheduled to take place at 14:05. Again it was a twelve minute race. Perks lined up on pole, Hughes in second, Buckley in third, Furlong in fourth, Morrin in fifth, Pitchford in sixth, Taylor in seventh, Farmer in eighth, Buxton in ninth and Pollard in tenth. Eleventh on the grid was Mitchell, twelfth was Chamberlain, Joslyn in thirteenth, Harrison in fourteenth, Bailey in fifteenth, O’Brien in sixteenth, Engineer in seventeenth, Sammon in eighteenth, Gregory in nineteenth, Millman in twentieth, Jones in twenty-first, Harridge in twenty-second, in twenty-third it was Bowles and finally in twenty-fourth it was Macualay. Again throughout the race there were some really good battles and it kept spectators entertained. Daniel Pitchford came across the line and took the chequered flag to take 1st place. Then in 2nd place it was Taylor, 3rd place was Pollard, 4th was Macualay, 5th was Buxton, 6th was Farmer, 7th was Morrin, Chamberlain was 8th, Furlong was 9th and Hughes was in 10th. 11th was claimed by Mitchell, Perks in 12th, 13th was Buckley, Joslyn was 14th, Bailey in 15th, 16th was Harrison, Sammon in 17th, O’Brien in 18th, Engineer in 19th, Millman in 20th, Jones in 21st, Gregory in 22nd. Unfortunately John Bowles was unable to complete the race. The fastest lap for this race was set by Daniel Pitchford with a time of 1:06.822 whilst doing 65.07mph. During this race car number 23‘s transponder, which was Alex Jones, stopped working so he was unable to communicate with any of his team.

Then it was time for race three on Sunday at 11:35am for a fifteen minute race. The amended grid meant that Daniel Pitchford lined up on pole, Craig Pollard lined up in second place, Paul Taylor in third, Ian Buxton in fourth, Martin Farmer in fifth, Stephen Morrin in sixth, Jimmy Furlong in seventh, Jesse Chamberlain in eighth, Mathew Perks in ninth and Gavin Buckley in tenth. Anthony Mitchell lined up in eleventh, Tim Joslyn in twelfth, Jamie Harrison in thirteenth, Brendan O’Brien in fourteenth, Sam Engineer in fifteenth, Mick Sammon in sixteenth, James Millman in seventeenth, Peter Gregory in eighteenth, Alex Jones in nineteenth, Adam Macualay in twentieth and finally John Bowles in twenty-first at the back of the grid. Throughout the 8 laps of this race there were some extremely entertaining action and battles for the spectators to watch. Somewhere within the 8 laps, six of the drivers who started the race were unable to complete the race due to different circumstances for each driver. Farmer came across the line to take the flag and 1st place, Pollard came 2nd, Morrin came 3rd, Chamberlain came 4th, Buxton came 5th, Macualay came 6th and Taylor took 7th. Buckley took the flag to take 8th, Harrison took 9th, O’Brien took 10th, 11th place was taken by Gregory, Furlong took 12th, Jones took 13th, Bowles took 14th and finally Sammon crossed the line to take 15th. Unfortunately Joslyn, Engineer, Pitchford, Mitchell, Perks and Millman were the six drivers who were unable to complete the race. The fastest lap was set by Adam Macualay in his Sheane FV01 on lap eight of the race with a time of 1:11.247 whilst doing 61.03mph.


(Alex Jones Going Round Druids Bend in Race 3)-©TilleyPhotography

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© Fay Tilley 28th November 2014