Today we are focusing on 18 year old future star driver Tom Skinner. During the 2014 season Tom drove and competed in the Classic Sports Car Championship (CSCC) Classic K Series.

What is the CSCC Classic K Series?
The Classi K series is a championship for pre 1966 GT and Touring cars running to the FIA Appendix K, which is the rules and regulations that historic cars must meet to be able to compete. The series has one hour races for one or two driver teams, representing great value for money in the increasingly expensive area within the motorsport world. They have a thrilling common sense attitude to the eligibility and scrutineering for the cars. Costs for racing in the historic category in motorsport have soared over the past couple of years. This is why the CSCC have taken out measures to bring great value back to the classic car racing series. The competitors in this series get a 30 minute qualifying session and a one hour race with a compulsory pit stop. The technical regulations in the series are very simple, the cars must run to the FIA Appendix K regulations and the only tyres they are permitted to run on are Dunlop L or M. The cars are allowed to use electronic ignitions as long as the distributor is the only means of timing, crank sensors or management systems are strictly not permitted. All V8 cars within the series must run to a minimum weight of 1000 kilograms. The cars that race in this series can vary from E type Jaguars to Ac Cobras, anything from the 60s is eligible to compete as long as they meet the regulations for the series.


About Tom
Tom has been around motorsport for the past 8 or 9 years due to his dad competing in races. He has only been involved in motorsport by racing himself for the past year within the car section of motorsport. Before he began racing in cars he did a lot of kart racing. He has mainly competed in his dad’s historic car but he did also test a Ginetta GT40 GT5 car with Reflex Racing. Tom’s goal is to compete in the BTCC or become a GT driver. In five years time To wishes to be competing on the TOCA package but it all comes down to whether he can find his budget or not. Tom’s favourite track is Brands Hatch, partly because it’s Tom’s local track but also because he loves the ups and downs of the circuit. He also finds the feeling you get when you hit the bottom of Paddock Hill quite cool.


Next season Tom will be racing with his dad again in historic cars, but to benefit his own career he is hoping to be able to buy his own race car that he can mainly test throughout 2015. He will also be doing a couple of rounds in the Classic Sports Car Club Modern Classics and the New Millenium series in a Ginetta G40, hopefully with Reflex Racing.

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