Over the past few weeks we have been helping to run a facebook page called British Touring Car Talk. We have been asked to do an interview with Alex Martin by asking him questions the fans wanted to know the answers to. Here are the questions we asked Alex and the answers he gave us.


(Alex Martin testing at Brands Hatch)

Q: What does it feel like to enter the btcc?
A: It feels a lot of things but most of all I feel ecstatic!

Q: What are your realistic sights on your first season?
A:  My team are saying concentrate on the jack Sears (best rookie) trophy. I’ll go with that.

Q: Are you looking forward to Mat Jackson and James Cole joining the grid at Snetterton?
A: We really need Motorbase back on the grid it not BTCC with out motorbase surly!!!

Q: Do you have a song that warms you up before a race?
A: No, I just do a few laps in my head before a race.

Q: what issues have you had to face in your ford focus so far?
A: Keeping the little rascal on the track. It’s by far one of the most edgy btcc cars after speaking to other drivers.

Q: What hurdles have you had to jump to get to where you are in your career now?
A: I’ve been lucky there has never been much out side pressure for me to do well. It all comes from me and my desire to win.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: Still doing BTCC I hope!!!

Q: If you had to choose a team to race for, other than where you are now, what team would it be and why?
A: For my first year I’m in the best place I could be no questions. I think that Honda would be the obvious choice for everyone it’s just such a professional outfit!

Q: Who do you think is your biggest threat/rival in the btcc?
A: Probably Mike Bushel as he is also in a focus and also in the Jack Sears.

Q: Given the chance, what car would you choose to compete in?and why?
A: For this year my ford for sure! Moving forward the Bmw or the Honda.

Q: What manufacturer would you like to see return to the btcc?
A: Jaguar!

Q: What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
A: Win the Jack Sears.

alex martinn

(Alex Martin testing at Brands Hatch)

Q:  Do you think formula one should follow a similar path as the btcc to stop dominance of one or two teams?
A: No it’s a totally different sport. But they should allow more innovation into the rules especially in terms of fuel efficiency!

Q: Having raced a Ferrari 458 in Ferrari challenge and gt cup over the last few years, how different is the NGTC focus?
A: Chalk and cheese! It is so different I don’t know where to start!

Q: How are you expecting your rookie season to go?
A: No reason not to expect it to go well!

Q:  Where would you like to finish the season realistically?
A: Top half of the grid and win Jack Sears

Q: What is your main challenge for the season? (i.e.; learning the tracks, the close nature, getting to grips with the car)
A:  Becoming a front wheel drive specialist is my main challenge!

Q: What is your favourite racing moment so far in your career?
A: Winning Ferrari challenge at Silverstone!

Q: What is it like to be a racing driver?
A: I’m not going to lie AWESOME!

Q: How does racing affect your day to day life?
A: Other than training, and dieting not too much.

Q: Do you have a day job? If so what is it?
A: I run and manage two businesses both owned by Dextra group, dexreco an electronics recycling company and LEDextra an LED lighting special projects company.

Q: Can you explain more about the team parker/motorbase situation?
A: Team Parker and motorbase work very closely, always have done! Motorbase wanted to concentrate on two cars and Parkers wanted do get into BTCC. We are supposed to be a satellite team but with motorbase out for a while we’re on our own.

Q: What made you choose touring cars to compete in?
A: Because I like to pitch myself against the best and simply BTCC is the best!

Q: What’s your favorite family guy character and why?
A: Stewie, not enough people speak properly these days!

Q: After racing Ferraris for several years what made you consider touring cars?
A: Wanted to doing BTCC ever since I raced Porsche Carrera cup.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this season, especially being your rookie year?
A: Getting to race some really great names in the sport!

Q: Have you raced against any of the drivers on the 2015 grid? If so who?
A: Only Sam Tordoff and that was when I was new to racing.

Q: What are your goals as a newcomer to the series?
A: To be the best newcomer!

Q: What do you think of your car so far?
A: It’s amazing better that I could have imagined.

Q: Do you think your health issues(having a bad back) will affect your racing season?
A: I hope not I’m receiving the best treatment but I was in a lot of pain on media day!

Q: What do you do when your not racing?
A: I’ve just moved house so mainly unpacking boxes and work of course.

Thanks for taking the time to read the questions and answers, hope you enjoy them.
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(Alex Martin at media day)

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