On the 21st of March we arranged a questions and answers session with Josh Cook, who is racing for Racing For Heroes/Power Maxed Racing in a Chevrolet Cruze Saloon. Here are the questions fans asked Josh and the replies he gave:


(Josh out in his Racing for Heroes/Power Maxed Racing Chevy)

Q: Are you nervous about the first round of btcc seeing as you haven’t tested the car yet?
A: not at all. I have great confidence in the team behind me. I Cannot wait!

Q: what’s it like being a national racing driver?
A:  there is nothing like racing In front of a crowd of 40,000. It’s great to be out there putting a show on for all you fans!

Q: What are your expectations for this season?
A: expectations are to learn a lot and aim as high up the grid as possible!

Q: Whats your favourite track and why?
A: Favourite track is probably Oulton Park. Purely because its technical and there is no time to relax around there!

Q: Which of the current or past Btcc drivers do you admire and why?
A: You have to admire Jason Plato, his statistics speak for themselves!

Q: Do you have any testing planned before the first race weekend apart from the testing on media day?
A: No testing planned, jumping in at the deep end, but I’m up for the challenge!

Q: what does it feel like to be racing for such a team like Racing for Heroes
A: its amazing to be achieving one of my dreams as well as managing to do something good alongside Help for Heroes for all our injured veterans.

Q:  I think many of us agree that you have one of the best looking cars on the grid, do you think you can mix it with the big boys this season? Certainly looks the part.
A: the car does look awesome! It has shown some decent pace in pre-season testing with Newsham, however I am under no illusions that it will be easy. I have my work cut out and I won’t be happy until I’m at the front!

Q: if you could choose any car to drive in BTCC what would it be?
A:  it would be the PMR Chevrolet Cruze of course

Q: Have you been out in testing in the Chevrolet yet?
A:  No testing sadly, but as I said, I am up for the challenge!

Q: who will be your main rival for this year? Dave Newsham?
A: Dave is my biggest rival for sure. Hopefully he won’t show me up too badly!

Q: Are you proud of how well Rory’s doing in his Clio in testing?
A: He has been doing really well. Looking forward to watching him develop as a driver with Team Cooksport as they have done for me!

Q: You must be excited to be on the grid this season, however, how do you see your relationship with the long time veteran btcc driver? And what can you learn from him?? Sorry Dave lol.
A: I am very much a team player, I will work with Dave to make sure we can get both cars to the front of the grid.

Q: How do you prepare yourself for a race?
A: that would be telling

Q: Whats the best way to get into the BTCC?
A:  Learn about business, make sure you can drive very fast. Or win the lottery. But most importantly…. never give up.

Q:  what is your realistic aim for the season,what would be a success? Top 15 in the championship table?
A: honestly not a clue! Ask me again after Brands!

Q: are you driving hatchback or saloon?
A: Saloon! Newly built one

Q: how do you feel with the up and coming “biggest races of your career so far ” and the increased pressure your going to face with the likes of Turkington, Shedden and Plato and the insuring rivalry with up and coming stars like Aiden Moffat?
A: There is lots of pressure in the championship, but none of it is on me. I am going to relax and do what I do best, Drive fast! Its lining up to be a brilliant season and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to be on the grid!

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© Fay Tilley 8th April 2015.