On the 22nd of May on our new Facebook group called ‘British Motorsport Talk’ we had a questions and answers session with Team Hard Driver Kieran Gallagher. Here is a write up of the questions people asked and the answers Kieran gave.


Kieran taking the Curb. Photo Credit: Tilley Photography

Q:Do you miss the vw cup?
A: I do, but only for the people involved, the racing was great, but there would need to be a few changes before it became something I would go back to.

Q:Hi, thank you for coming this evening. As a driver who has driven two different NGTC cars, is there much difference between the Avensis and the Insignia
A: There’s a relatively big difference, both engines have complete different characteristics, and the cars themselves are different. It was however a while back, so would be interesting to try both against each other now.

Q:I’m growing a beard, any advance you have for me as a past beard grower yourself?
A: – no matter how many ‘I want rid of this’ thoughts you get, persist

Q: Is Tony Gilham coming back to btcc?
A: I wouldn’t like to comment as I don’t know, it hasn’t been spoken about. However, if you want to know if I think he would be a good team mate then yes. I can’t see anyone more fit for the job.

Q:Have you had any problems with the Toyota?
A: when the car arrived, it was nowhere near ready to go, it had to go to a bare shell, so we had some issues at donny as it had been stripped and rebuilt in a matter of weeks. But we’re over them now. And she’s performing well. A credit to the team.

Q: Hi Mr Gallagher. Are you particularly looking forward to your home round at Knockhill & would you prefer it dry or wet?
A: I cannot wait! I would prefer dry, having not raced FWD in the wet!!!

Q: With most of the front running teams using revised aerodynamics, do team hard have plans to upgrade the aero on your car
A: funny you mention that, all will be revealed hopefully for croft or Oulton.

Q: Im a wanna be racing driver on a tight budget (aren’t we all) whats the best way to plan and work out a budget and how do you approach sponsors and get them on board?
A: There’s a few ways about it, first do your ARDS test, then get a budget in mind, double it, and you’ll be close. Best thing is if you start in small championships based at one track, like I did, then get local companies to give small amounts. If possible. Or friends and family members. Offer squares like rob Austin, or a name on the car somewhere.

Q: Kieran Fwd in the wet at k circuit that’s what handbrake is for, lol.
A: All I can remember was legends were hilarious in the wet there.

Q: Mate everything is hilarious in the wet there, oh except us poor marshals getting soaked through pulling u lot out the gravel.
A:bound to happen!

Q: Tony Gilham keeps tweeting, he wants to race a Volvo s60 as a ngtc race car. Has he converted you into wanting the a Volvo as well
A:I wouldn’t say no to a Volvo, love them! Since the 850’s! However, my Japanese partner in crime is doing just fine wink emoticon

Q: Keiran are you mechanically minded? Work on your own car etc? Other than just set up. Get the feeling a few guys in the BTCC just turn up race and go home.
A: unfortunately not, which can be a problem now and then, so I guess you could say I’m one of them. However I do take an interest and see what the guys are doing and ask questions

Q:What do you think to Lewis Hamilton’s new sunglasses?
A: sunglasses? I don’t think they class as sunglasses!

Q:having only raced a manual box car, driven dsg, pdk boxed road cars & ridden road bikes I can’t envisage how a btcc car feels gearbox wise. How would you best describe the speed, feel & ability of the shift/diff at pro level v club level?
A: it’s insane, I remember driving the insignia for the first time, and being extremely facinated. It’s a flat shift dog box, no lifting. Clutch to engage first and pull away. Then it’s just pulls and pushes from then on. It’s instant, no sensation of waiting.

Q: Only reason i asked was i spannered for a team last year and couldnt believe the arrogance of the arrive and drive guys that were lucky enough to be minted, and were there because they had nothing better to do (one guy even said “i dont mind just pootling along behind everyone”) thats no reflection on yourself, just frustrating knowing id give anything to be out racing.
A: I can understand that, where as I try to learn to give better feedback!

Q:No doubt google could answer but what’s the power & weight of the average btcc car? I was surprised to out drag Stuart whites ex btcc supertourer but was annihilated/owned on brakes, turn in/out & balance/geo set up
A: About 1200Kg and about 350bhp

Q Do you think you’ll be up there and winning races by next season and do you think you would be in the same car or different
A: I can’t say what the season brings but we have our own targets and will focus on them first. I’m not a marvel fan unfortunately!

Q: Do you have any other job apart from being driver?
A: I am a Hydrographic Surveyor!

Q: Who would your dream team mate be and why, If u were having a dinner party which 4 celebs would u invite and why
A: I don’t know of enough to invite 4!!! Team mate would be Gilham because of his knowledge and experience.

Q:if you could compete in any other championship what would it be and why? (None that you have previously competed in)
A: Blancpain GT’s or Porsche Carrera SuperCup!


Kieran heading to the Grid. Photo Credit: Tilley Photography

Q:What’s your favourite dish to cook for people
A:Thai Red Curry. It’s a favourite of mine!

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure for when u not racing
A:A couple of Ciders!

Q:Hdrographic Surveyor, is that posh for fisherman, sorry mate couldn’t resist.
A: I’m a trained starfish fisherman… And also a fully trained commercial captain smile emoticon

Q:Would you consider doing WTCC
A:it looks great, for the tracks etc. But my focus is on BTCC

Q: Do you fancy coming over to the campsite at Oulton Park to come meet the world famous barmy army?
A: I rarely have time. However if you come to our garage. I’ll be happy to have some banter for a bit when I’m free!

Q: What the worst thing about been a btcc driver
A: There is no bad points.

From these questions you can tell how much Kieran really does appreciate his fans, he answers every question no matter whether its racing related or not. There will be more questions and answers on our group so feel free to join us and join in the fun: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1440976426195156/?fref=ts

To keep up to date with Kieran’s racing antics like his page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KGRacingltd?fref=ts

Photo credits to Tilley Photography: facebook.com/tilley.photos


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