Today we are looking into the career and future of 32 year old Tim Hudson. He is a very experienced and talented driver who is always open to try new things. During 2014 Tim competed in the UK Oval Track Legends championship.

Tim has been involved within motorsport all his life, this started when he was a child, his dad used to take him to all the race meets he competed at. Tim would help his father with any task he was doing. His dad raced on the oval circuits in Super Stoxs and Stock Rods. Tim started his racing career when he was 15 years old, competing in RD Go Karts, then he made the jump from karts to cars a few years later. At the age of 21, Tim was competing in the UK Oval Track Legends championship as an owner driver. He has competed in the championship every year since in the same championship, this meant Tim has witnessed the championship go from strength to strength under the speedworthe/incarace promotion. Tim’s first ever race took place about 13/14 years ago at Ringwood Raceway. The reason Tim chose to compete in motorsport was because of the excitement that comes with motorsport. As well as being involved in his dads racing career Tim also worked with Tony Paxman, who now races a mk1 and mk2 Ford Escort in the Quaife series, when he raced in a eurocar v6. In the past Tim has won the 2009 East Anglian Championship, the 2010 Southern Championship and he was 2013 Golden Helmet winner!

What is the UK Oval Track Legends Championship?

The UK Oval Track Legends Championship is a championship that is raced on the oval circuits around the UK. Oval tracks are circular tracks, nothing like the well-known race circuits of Brands Hatch and Silverstone. The championship races are at Ipswich Raceway, Hednesford Hills Raceway, Wimbledon Stadium, Birmingham Wheels Raceway, Pr1mo Northampton Raceway, Aldershot Raceway and Lochgelly Raceway in Scotland throughout the year. The cars that are used are built by inex/600 racing in the USA and as a result are governed by the inex rule book that eliminates the option of throwing money at the car. The only real advantages available to the drivers to make the cars faster are adjustments to the handling of the car. The ride height, chassis weights, wheel base, track etc are all under strict limits which are all checked by the tech inspectors after each heat race or final. This is why Tim chose the championship as his favourite to race in because it is such a fair championship to race in. In the legend racing you move from being a rookie up to semi pro then up to pro and all drivers have a world standing.

After a bad accident in 2013, Tim was forced to run a new chassis and adapt his race set ups for the 2014 season, because of this he found some pace that he didn’t have before the crash. During the 2014 season Tim was leading the championship a few times so he was really pleased with how well he had progressed on with the new chassis and different race set ups he used on the car. At the end of the season he went in to the last round of the championship lying 5th in the points table which meant mathematically he could have challenged for the title but realistically it was between the top two, Martin Heath and Miles Rudman. Tim finished the season in 4th place in the points table which he was really happy about considering how competitive the championship was.

Tim’s favourite driver and idol is Dale Earnhardt Senior. His dream is to race around in the USA Asphalt Legends at some point during his career if he can arrange a drive, the raceway he has been looking to want to compete in America is the Auburndale Raceway located in Florida. For 2015 Tim has also been competing in the UK Oval Tracks Legends Championship again and he hopes to finish 3 places higher in the championship standings and be crowned 2015 Champion! His plan is to compete in the UK Oval Tracks Legends for the foreseeable future but he is always open to trying other formulas if any opportunities arose. When there is any trouble occurring on track Tim tries not to let it phase him, he understands that things might not always go the way you want them to, he just tries to make the best of it. He enjoys working as part of a team as everyone has a role in the team which makes it easier to get things done and then he doesn’t have to stress about too much. His training regime is to do free weights and cardio. His choice of cardio is running, he also tends not to eat before a race. The best track in Tim’s opinion is Hednesford Hills Raceway as it is one he enjoys competing at. Tim is motivated by the thought of winning races.

Tim has been involved in a fair few accidents over the years he has been competing in motorsport. He doesn’t get scared at all during the crashes as his adrenaline is always pumping and the crashes happen so fast he doesn’t get time for any emotions to kick in. During 2014 he felt the rounds all went fairly well. At the Ipswich round in September 2014 he was disappointed to snap an inlet camshaft whilst he was running in second place with only two laps to go of the race, he managed to finish the race and bring the car home in fourth but the engine went up in flames.



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