Today we are looking into the career of 18 year old Jack Roberts. He is a very motivated and talented driver. During the 2014 season Jack was competing in the MG Trophy.

What is the MG Trophy?
The MG Trophy is one of the best championships in the UK. It is also the most enjoyable single make club championships, it offers high quality but also close racing between competitors for the front wheel drive MG ZR in three classes. It was previously known as the MG-F Cup, which it has now evolved to being just for the MG ZR cars. The regulations for this championship were designed to keep costs to a minimum so that novice drivers and drivers with small budgets could all enter the championship. They use sealed engines and gear boxes in the cars, they also set a minimum of 15 new tyres per season to help keep costs down. This championship has produced a number of drivers who have since gone on to higher levels within motorsport. One of the drivers is Jack Goff, who went on to compete in the BTCC after winning the UK Clio Cup in 2012.

The Classes:
Class B
Class B is for the experienced drivers who race a fully race prepared ZR190 car, the 190 stands for 190BHP. They run on Dunlop control slicks or wet tyres.

Class C
Class C is for the drivers on a slightly smaller budget, they run a ZR with 170BHP on Dunlop control tyres.

Class D
Class D is the new class that was made for 2014, this class is for race prepared ZR 160 BHP road cars that can be built for £3000. This is the cheapest possible entry level in tin tops. They are able to race on all of the UK race circuits including the well-known Brands Hatch and Silverstone.

The points structure for the 2014 season will see all classes competing together so therefore any car from any class can win the overall championship.

Jack’s history in motorsport.
Jack has been involved within motorsport all his life, it all started when he went to watch his father competing on the oval circuits when he was a young child. Throughout his life when he has competed in karts and cars he has always run under the team name ‘Jack Roberts Racing’. However Jack had help from Iles Racing when he raced karts and from Preptch UK in cars.  He started racing karts when he was only 7 years old, the reason he chose to start competing in motorsport was because he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps. He started his race career in the Camberley Kart Club, which was a club championship. He competed in karts up until 2013. Karting was a natural progression of moving up into different classes and race series. He chose to move from karts into cars when the costs of karting spiralling out of control. As well as racing he also works as a race mechanic, this helps to pay for Jack’s racing.

For 2014 Jack competed in the MG Trophy. He chose this championship because it fitted his low budget and  it is a really well run and professional championship unlike some club championships. He finished 9th in the championship in his rookie year within the MG Trophy in 2014. The main event/moment during 2014 that stands out in Jack’s memories is the penultimate round of the season at Oulton Park, when he was running in third place overall and as first rookie on the track before he had a bad crash, ending his weekend there. Unfortunately due to the damage sustained to the car when he crashed Jack was unable to take part in the final round of the season at Snetterton.

A bit about Jack!
Jack’s favourite tracks within the UK are Knockhill and despite having his bad crash at Oulton Park, it is still one of his favourite tracks. His ultimate future ambition is to race in the BTCC or the UK Clio Cup, he wants to take his team name ‘Jack Roberts Racing’ as far as he can to get more publicity to hopefully get it to stick in people’s minds as well as proving how successful his team can be. Next year Jack looked at racing in the JamSport Fiesta Championship and possibly competing in some endurance races, however with the new car having just been built at the end of the 2014 season he is sticking to competing in the MG Trophy for at least another year, with a possibility of some one off races in other championships if he can. If Jack comes across any trouble on course he deals with it by staying calm, collected and relaxed, then he will sit in the garage and go through what happened, what went wrong and why. When a race weekend is looming Jack gets a mixture of emotions, he begins to feel excited but he also gets quite nervous too. Jack’s off track training regime is that he goes running or attends the gym each day to keep fit.

On race weekends Jack tends not to eat much, he won’t eat anything too heavy prior to the weekend, he makes sure he keeps himself hydrated and reminds himself to eat throughout the weekend as he tends to miss meal times. His favourite driver is Colin Turkington because of the way he races and his approach to racing with his strict training regime and eating plans his wife helps him stick to. Jack finds running the car hard work however the help that Preptech UK is really helpful for him, especially on race weekends as they compare data and work on the set ups and any changes they need to make to set ups to be more successful. If Jack was not a racing driver he would probably try and pursue a career in long distance running as he enjoys running. He is motivated by wanting to be successful.

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