Today we are focusing on looking into the career and future of young scot Deano Macdonald. He is a fourteen year old kart racer who dreams of racing in F1 someday.

A bit about Deano.
Deano has been involved within motorsport for 11 years now. It all began with his father, as he used to race when Deano was young and then went on to be an engine tuner and runs a race team. It was watching his father compete and run his team that inspired Deano to want to compete in motorsport. Also for his first birthday Deano was given his first ever kart which made him interested in racing more when he was able to start competing in karting when he was 3 years old.

He started his career in motorsport at Larkhall located in South Lanarkshire in Scotland. Straight after his first go at racing a kart, he had caught the ‘bug’ of wanting to race because it was a fun, fast, adrenaline pumping thing to be doing. The series he chose to begin his career in was Formula Kart Stars. Whenever it was time for Deano to move up into new classes his father would take him testing in the kart he would be moving into to get him used to the kart so that he wasn’t going to be dropped in at the deep end and not be prepared for the upcoming challenges.

In the past Deano has competed for Strawberry Racing, Aim Motorsport, Shox and Cream Engines, Atlantic Racing, Zip Team, RSF and JM Racing. His favourite championship to race in is Euromax because it is really competitive and he enjoys competing in it. His favourite driver/idol is Sebastian Vettel because he inspires Deano and makes Deano want to win and get higher up the ranks and eventually follow in Vettel’s footsteps to race in the F1. His main dream to achieve now is to become world champion.


During the 2014 season Deano competed in the Super One British Championship and European Rotax Championship. He chose those championships because they are two of the hardest and most competitive.

At round one of the British Super One championship at Rowrah, Deano finished 1st, at round two at Buckmore Park he finished 4th. The third round of the championship was held at Larkhall where Deano finished 1st. Then it was onto round four at GYG, Deano went on to take 1st there too. Round five took place at Shennington where Deano scored 2nd, the final round was at PF International where Deano got 3rd. Overall this meant Deano won the championship!

In the European Rotax Championship round one was held in Gent, Belgium. At this event Deano finished 2nd. The next round was held in Castelettto in Italy, here Deano finished 5th. On to the next round at Zuera in Spain, here he finished 3rd. Then onto the final round of the championship at Salbris in France, Deano finished 4th, in the overall championship he finished 3rd.

Picture Credit: Chris Walker.


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