Lucas Orrock headed to Donington Park race circuit based in Derby to compete in the final race weekend of the Volkswagen Racing Cup. This took place on the 12th and 13th of September. He went to the circuit with a positive attitude knowing he was in with a chance of being crowned champion.

Qualifying took place on Saturday 12th at 3pm for 20 minutes. Lucas was not happy with how the qualifying session went, he thought it was dreadful. He mistakenly put himself on track with a lot of traffic around him which meant he didn’t get a chance to show what he really could do. By being stuck in the traffic, Lucas qualified in a disappointing 11th place. He has never been strong within qualifying sessions, he has always proved himself to be a strong racer but a not so successful qualifier. Lucas didn’t let the disappointing qualifying get to him as he had been in this situation before and felt comfortable that he could make up places and get towards the front of the pack in the race. In Lucas’ words “ I’ve always been a racer not a fastest lap man”. When reflecting on the qualifying session he said “nothing to be done now, other than to fight my way through tomorrow”.

Race one took place on Sunday at 10:35am, it was going to be a 20 minute race like normal. Lucas lined up 11th on the grid. He had a pretty successful race one in his Miltek Sport/KPM Racing Volkswagen Scirocco. With incidents happening all around him, Lucas just kept his head down, kept cool, calm and out of any trouble. With temptations to nibble away at the track limits, Lucas played the smart forward thinking game and not risk having a DNF. His aim from 11th on the grid was to fight his way up to 6th so that he would gain pole for race two, that’s exactly where they ended up. Unfortunately because of two drivers ahead of Lucas being given penalties he got promoted to 4th so would start race two from 3rd instead of pole. The championship had closed up a bit after race one, realistically it was going to be between Aaron Mason and David Sutton. Lucas still had a chance to win the title but it seemed unlikely.


(Lucas’ car in the paddock under the KPM Racing awning) Credit: Tilley Photography.

On to race two, which took place at 16:55. This race was set to be a 40 minute race, the longest on their calendar. Lucas tried his hardest and had some good battles with his fellow competitors, he ended the race in 6th place. With the main championship rival Aaron Mason just two places behind in 8th and the other championship rival David Sutton six places behind in 12th. Lucas drove well in the final race of the year and proved what a good racer he really is and what he is capable of.

Lucas and the team didn’t get the result they needed, he finished ahead of his championship rivals on track but not by enough places to clinch the title. He finished the year in second place in the championship standings, just four points off the winner. The team has given its all throughout this year trying everything to try and improve.

This is only his second year in car racing and he has already almost taken a championship title. He will never back down and let things stop him from doing what he loves. He’s always been a strong racer and proves himself during races. He is demonstrating himself to be a star in the making. Lucas is one of the hottest prospects in motorsport. He is definitely one to watch. Throughout this year it has been tough but Lucas has never backed down, he has always come back fighting. He has had many ups and downs, but he is happy to have been there once again, in the title fight until the last lap of the final race of the season. He feels he has progressed a lot as a driver and it will help to further his career. From here Lucas will not be looking back on this season thinking what could have been, he will look forward to his next challenge. He is looking forward to what’s next on the horizon and how he can keep progressing on and getting further in his career.

Without the following people Lucas would not be where he is now. He would like to thank Miltek Sport for their support throughout this year, they have helped Lucas raise his professionalism as a driver and given him numerous opportunities to further his career. They have also helped him to grow in motorsport and meet new people. Lucas feels that this is just the start of something great between him and Miltek, they already have some great ideas lined up for next year so keep a watch on Lucas’ social media accounts for him to announce his plans for next year.

He would also like to say a big thank you to KPM Racing for all of their hard work and support to keep him on track throughout the year. From all those cold and wet test days at Oulton Park, to giving him the opportunity to drive in Dubai and fixing his banged up car. He wouldn’t be here without them.

Also he would like to thank his father ‘Big John’, he has been with Lucas since the beginning and still is now. Lucas feels without his dad it would be impossible and that their journey together is far from over. His father will be with him through every step of his career, through the good times and the bad.

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