Tom Witts headed to Silverstone to compete in the final round of the Teekay Couplings MK2 Production Gti Championship season. He had already been announced as the champion of 2015 at the previous round. His aim was to finish the year in style and just enjoy the final two races of the season.

At 9am on Sunday the 18th of October Tom headed out onto the Silverstone International circuit to qualify. He wanted to end the season on a high so was aiming for pole position. The track was pretty greasy from the previous night’s rain, but there were some dry patches on the track appearing. After setting lap times that put him onto provisional pole, but then people kept topping it. Tom kept setting quicker times and kept jumping between pole and 2nd. When the flag came out Tom had secured pole by 2.2 seconds from Jason Tingle. Tom was pleased that he was starting out his race weekend exactly how he wanted to. His focus then turned towards race one.

Race one took place at 11:55 for fifteen minutes. Tom lined up on pole position, hopeful to carry on his so far successful weekend. Things were going exactly the way Tom had hoped they would. He got a good start off the line, but during the first lap dropped to fourth due to the slippery track catching him out because of it raining. By the time they crossed the start finish line Tom was back into first after battling and getting past his fellow competitors. Luck definitely seemed to be on Tom’s side this weekend after a disappointing weekend in the UK Clio Cup the weekend prior. He managed to pull a gap from the second place car and maintained the gap until the end of the race. During the race he went from pole to 4th then back to 1st and managed to keep the win. Tom was ecstatic with how the weekend was going so far.


(L-R:Jason Tingle, Tom Witts, Chris Webb.) Tom Celebrating his first place finish on the podium after race one. (Credit:Chris Webb)

At 15:45 it was time for race two, Tom again was starting from pole position with Jason Tingle alongside. There was now a dry line around most of the track apart from Stowe which was wet and very slippery. Tom dropped to third because the right side of the grid, which is where pole position is located, was still wet. Tom managed to go round Stowe and Vale side by side with Adam Hance to regain second place. Then Tom’s mission was to chase down the leader who happened to make a slight mistake into Stowe. This allowed Tom to get around the outside at Vale again to retake the lead of the race. From then on Tom’s mind was focused on maintaining the gap and finding the dry patches on track. His aim was to keep the car on the track and get to the end of the race, which he managed to do. The flag came out and Tom took the win with a gap of 0.61 between him and second place.


Tom celebrating after two race wins! (Credit: Convex Photography.)

“I’m very pleased with how this weekend has gone. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to see out the season. I came here this weekend hoping to end the season on a high and enjoy the racing now that I’ve sealed the championship. I’m so happy and proud to be the 2015 Champion! I never thought I would be crowned the champion.”


© Fay Tilley 1st Novmber 2015.