Cameron Roberts has been racing since 2008, he has competed in karts and made the jump up to racing cars in 2015. During the 2015 season Cameron competed in the Kickstart Energy Ginetta Junior Championship with Total Control Racing. He chose the Ginetta Junior championship because it gives young drivers like himself the perfect exposure to be seen by potential teams and sponsors as they race live on TV during the British Touring Car Championship race weekends. Also the grid within the championship is very competitive which helps to show just how good the drivers are. Also because of being televised it gives the drivers more of a chance of getting sponsors on board as they get great TV coverage.


Cameron out on track at Thruxton during 2015. Credit: Tilley Photography.

Prior to a race weekend Cameron trains to get his fitness levels to being the best on the grid which enables him to get the edge over on other drivers who don’t concentrate on their fitness as much. He spends hours in the gym every week to keep his fitness level up so that he has the best shot of winning in such a competitive field of drivers. In his spare time he does a lot of drumming, this is mainly because of his father who was a professional drummer for Belinda Carlisle and Rick Astley. Cameron feels that drumming is a very good way to relieve stress and also helps to keep his coordination on point for when he is racing.

One thing Cameron loves about motorsport is the fans, they boost him back up and give him a reason to carry on and not give up during the low times. They keep him fighting and ready to push on to the next round of the championship. At the British Touring Car Championship race weekends there is a lot of fans who show their support trackside, around the circuit you don’t ever see one spot with no fans standing or sitting watching the races. Also there is a lot of fans who sit at home and watch it live on ITV4. The Ginetta Junior championship always gets the fans sitting on the edge of the seat as the competitors are not scared to go for gaps that most racing drivers wouldn’t take, they keep all the spectators entertained during the whole races.

One thing Cameron is really concerned about is finding sponsorship, he can only race if he finds funding through sponsorship. He gets no financial backing from his parents so relies solely on finding sponsors to back him so that he can get out to compete. Nowadays it is hard to find sponsors to back you, most companies will offer services rather than money. The junior drivers struggle even more due to not being able to legally hold down a job until they hit sixteen so they cannot financially support themselves in the championship so have to rely on either sponsorship or parents financially backing them.

Cameron’s ultimate career goal is to race at the top level of motorsport such as; Indycar, NASCAR, Formula 1 or the World Endurance Championship (WEC). He started his racing career by racing indoor karts just as a bit of fun when he was nine years old. He soon realised that it was his passion, which pushed him onto competing in outdoor karting and his career went on from there. For 2016 Cameron is returning to the Ginetta Junior Championship, which has been renamed to the ‘Simpson Race Products Ginetta Junior Championship’. He has switched teams and will compete with JHR Developments this year alongside Geri Nicosia, Kyle Hornby, Seb Perez and Seb Priaulx.

When speaking to Cameron about cars he confessed that his favourite old style car is a Ferrari F40 and his favourite new car is the Mclaren P1. He prefers rear wheel drive to front wheel drive. His dream race car would be the 1988 Mclaren Formula One car whereas his dream road car would be a Ferrari F40.

The reason Cameron chose to race a Ginetta G40 Junior race car was because they are great cars and offer every aspect of how to drive a race car to young drivers. Also the cars are not overly expensive which makes it a great class to enter into from kart racing or even with having no racing experience whatsoever.

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