Ben Gosling has been racing since he was about seven or eight years old. Away from the track Ben enjoys playing sport for his school which includes football and rugby. However, on weekends he works hard to find sponsorship and he likes to keep his social media channels up to date.

Prior to a race weekend Ben doesn’t do much preparation he keeps his head clear so that he can approach the weekend of racing with a clear head. He watches a few on board videos from his previous rounds and talks to his team manager about his goals for the weekend. In his eyes fans are everything, they are great fun and he feels it is always rewarding to be able to give them good news. Fans are also very helpful and dedicated people who offer help great advice and support to drivers. No matter how bad a weekend of racing goes you can guarantee fans will always be able to pick your spirits back up and put a smile on your face.

Ben’s ultimate career goal is to simply get paid to race. He couldn’t think of anything better than to be getting paid to race as it is what he loves to do. He doesn’t have a specific series he would like to race in, he would race in any series in any country as long as he was being paid. Also he wants to ensure he keeps people around him happy as that will mean Ben is happy too.


Picture Credit: Paul Babington

Ben’s father is a very well-known motorsport photographer and has always exposed him to the sport. He first hopped into a kart when he was just seven or eight years old out in Spain during a family holiday and the bug has stayed with him since. Budget has always been a concern to Ben as it determines what and where you will be racing. His move from rental karts up in to owner/driver karts was very expensive but he views it as an investment for his future as it is kick-starting his career.

When asking Ben about his favourite cars he told us that his favourite old style car is the McLaren F1 car as he feels it ‘kicked arse’ when it was released. Whenever Ben visits the McLaren HQ he is blown away at how beautiful the cars are and how technologically brilliant they are. His favourite new car is the Nissan GT-R as he thinks they are amazing and loves the launch control feeling in the car. Ben prefers rear wheel drive cars because he loves burnouts.

Ben would love to race the 2008 McLaren MP4-23 as in his eyes is the coolest formula one car to ever hit the track and the noise it made was insane. He hopes to one day be able to drive it. His dream road car is the Nissan GT-R in matte black with black wheels as he believes the car would look amazing.


Picture Credit: Paul Babington

The main kart tracks Ben races at are Buckmore Park and Bayford Meadows simply because they are the closest to where he lives. Karting is a very big commitment for Ben as he goes to school all week and his parents work so giving up the weekend is already a big ask. Also he prefers not to have a long drive ahead of him as that just adds to costs of racing, in his words ‘the less driving the happier we all are’.

The main reason Ben chose to start racing karts is because it is the start of all successful formula one driver’s careers. It was a no brainer for Ben to take up kart racing when he decided that he wanted to race cars for a living. He feels that it is a brilliant for learning the basics of car control and race craft. The social side of karting is invaluable for drivers and they learn a lot from the people around them.

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