Alex Tait has been racing for two years, this upcoming season will be his third year. Alex suffers with a hereditary muscle wasting condition called Myotonic Dystrophy. He has not let being disabled affect his dreams of racing as he has always had a passion for motorsport. When Alex was just nine years old he went to Donington Park to spectate on the BOSS GP series, the championship was based throughout Europe and was for any old Formula One cars to race in. When the race began Alex started crying because he finally found where he felt he belonged.

When asked about any pre-race weekend preparation Alex told us “I just focus on getting good amounts of sleep, I eat well, keep hydrated and of course find my lucky pants out”. His favourite past times like most other racing drivers is racing. When speaking about how much his fans mean to him Alex stated “I’m overwhelmed by the amount of support I’m given by my fans and this means the world to me because I could never imagine that through my racing I would have people following me through my journey. I would like to thank them all massively for the support they show me”.


Alex out in his Fiesta Junior race car. Picture Credit: Andrew Little Photography.

Alex’s ultimate career goal is to race in the British Touring Car Championship as in his eyes its “the best championship in the UK” because “the races are so close and action packed and it is also fan friendly with loads of access to the teams and drivers”. Budget is a massive concern for Alex when he decides what car to race in which championship. He works tirelessly trying to secure the funding for the next season, that is the one thing Alex thinks will hold him back within motorsport.

Alex’s favourite old styled car is a classic Mini Cooper S, whereas his favourite newer style car is the BMW M235i coupe. When speaking about rear and front wheel drive cars Alex told us “I personally prefer front wheel cars because that’s all I have ever raced. Also they are pretty fool-proof and easy to race” this makes them perfect for Alex as its easier for him to get to grips with. Alex’s dream race car is the Honda Civic Type R raced by Tom Chilton in the British Touring Car Championship because it stood out to him the most when he began spectating on the BTCC. Also it is the ultimate version of the car Alex will be racing throughout this year. His dream road car would be the McLaren 650S Convertible.


Alex’s race car for the 2016 season. Picture Credit: Alex Tait.

Throughout 2016 Alex has committed to compete in the Pre-2003 Production Touring Car Championship because he thinks it will give him the best possible experience throughout racing and teach him a lot more about race-craft due to his limited racing career. Alex chose to compete in the championship in a Honda Civic Type R, he chose to race this car run by Finsport because he has always loved that type of Civic Type R’s. Also they have been proven to be the most competitive car within the championship and his teammate Dawn Boyd has raced one for the past two years so will be able to teach Alex more about the car in his first year of racing in a championship with a variety of cars


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