Sixteen-year-old Lewis Kent is competing in the Fiesta Junior Championship during 2016. Lewis chose this championship because it is extremely competitive, whilst also being cost effective. Lewis is a fourth generation racing driver within his family. Within the championship Lewis has very competitive yet extremely friendly rivals, also the organisers of the championship (Julieanne and Masie Bates) are very friendly and helpful to all the drivers in the championship. Lewis chose to race a Ford Fiesta because of the stories he heard about the championship as his fellow kart racers moved from kart racing into cars by joining the Fiesta Junior Championship. He brought the car he did because the previous owner was quite successful in the car which made Lewis want to buy it.

Prior to a race weekend Lewis likes to ensure he gets more sleep, eats more carbohydrates and energy enriched food. His favourite memory is when he achieved getting his first top three result in a car. Fans mean the world to Lewis as in his eyes “             my fans mean the world to me, they are the reason I do my best in races; their support, help and cheering on makes me want to do well”. His ultimate career goal is to compete in the BTCC and be a multi-time BTCC Champion. He would also like to compete in the Lemans Series as well as the 24 Hours of Lemans race itself.

Lewis has always been concerned about his budget to compete due to the costs rising as you step up the racing ladder.  Lewis’ favourite old styled car is a MK1 Ford Escort, whereas his favourite new style car is the new Nissan GT-R. His dream race car would be a Ferrari F40 and his dream road car would be a customised Nissan GT-R.

© Fay Tilley 11th April 2016