After a disappointing weekend at Oulton Park, Steve Slawson of Eastcoast Motorsport started looking at alternative championships to the Tegiwa Civic Cup run by the 750 motors club. Steve headed to Snetterton last Sunday to watch the tin Tops championship, run by the Classic Sports Car Club(CSCC), and also to speak to the competitors around the paddock. He was instantly impressed by the close but fair racing on track as well as the extremely friendly, warm welcoming competitors. After his visit to Snetterton Steve has made the decision to make the move to the CSCC Tin Tops. Steve has said “I would consider a move back to the Tegiwa Civic Cup at a later date but not until improvements are made to ensure the class a championship is regulated properly and fairly”.


Picture Credit: Tilley Photography

Therefore, he feels it’s time to move away from the championship and move into a different championship where he can be competitive. Steve is looking forward to his new adventure in the CSCC Tin Tops and will be joining forces with experienced tin top driver Shaun Ely. The team will join the championship as of the next round, which takes place at Silverstone on the 30th April.

Whilst Steve is making the switch to the CSCC Tin Tops with new teammate Shaun Ely, Mark Hughes will remain in the Tegiwa Civic Cup competing under the Eastcoast Motorsport banner. You can keep up to date with Steve, Shaun and Mark’s antics throughout the year on Facebook: and Twitter: @eastcoastmsport .


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