All day Saturday and during Sunday morning the track was experiencing higher temperatures than they have before. A lot of drivers were experiencing a lot of blow outs and punctures during the practice sessions, qualifying session and the opening race. BTCC Series Organiser TOCA consulted with their official tyre supplier Dunlop and made the decision to reduce the second and third races down to a maximum of twelve laps.

At the end of the opening race of the weekend Matt Neal suffered a puncture as he came through the final chicane, he cut across traffic in an attempt to enter the pit lane and hit into the MG of Josh Cook spinning him round and in turn pushing him into Neal’s teammate Shedden. The race was red flagged after the incident occurred.

Dunlop created a ‘hard’ compound tyre to suit the high speed and abrasive track nature of the Thruxton circuit but the warmer climate of 33 degrees’ track temperature meant the drivers were pushing the tyres too far and they began suffering punctures and blow outs around the circuit.

In avoidance of any further risk to the drivers, teams and officials around the circuit the organisers took the decision to reduce the lap to a maximum of twelve laps for the remaining British Touring Car Championship races.


©Fay Tilley 12th May 2016.