On Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th of May Lucas Orrock headed to Silverstone for testing ahead of his home round of the Seat Leon Eurocup. He and the Zest Race Car Engineering team seemed to be making steady progress after the opening round of the season at Estoril, located in Spain. He was determined to get better results and see improvements within the car during the two test days and two race days.

The cars were sent out to qualify on the Friday afternoon instead of the Saturday morning. Lucas finished the session in sixth, still not quite where he was hoping to be but definitely a lot closer compared to where they were at Estoril just three weeks ago. Lucas is driven by seeing progress and improvements being made. He is motivated to continue thriving within the sport by winning. The results of the qualifying session put a smile on Lucas’ face, he was feeling ready and up for the challenge of the races as he knew that’s where he needed to focus on.


(Lucas fending off fellow competitors during race one. Photo credit: Tilley Photography)

Race on took place on Saturday at about 14:20pm, Lucas got a relatively good start off the line but unfortunately his luck was due to run out. He was hit on two occasions, once on lap one as they headed into turn one and again on lap two. This caused some damage to the car which ended up leading to a left rear wheel hub failing. This caused Lucas to keep dropping back down the order and eventually ending his race in the pit lane as the car was crabbing on the last lap. Therefore, Lucas took the flag in the pit lane to take eleventh out of twelve drivers.

He was feeling devastated after seeing the progress they had made during the two days prior. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the sport at the moment as nobody seems to be able to race without contact. Lucas started to focus on Sunday’s race instead of dwelling on Saturday’s. For Sunday’s race the top ten on the grid was reversed, which saw Lucas start from fifth on the grid. His aim was to hopefully get some vitally needed points.

Sunday’s race came around and Lucas was hoping for a better race, he went out on his green flag laps and warmed the tyres up appropriately. He got a good start off the line and was soon up into third place. Lucas went to make a move for second but made a mistake which ultimately caused some damage to the car forcing him to retire.

Two results that do not show Lucas’ potential but however his pace and the way he conducted himself during the weekend shows that he is not giving up. His focus now turns to the next round of the championship which will take place at Paul Ricard, located in France on the 4th and 5th of June.

© Fay Tilley 16th May 2016.