Jonathan Hadfield won the Ginetta GT5 challenge opening race of the weekend at Silverstone after starting from pole position. Whilst Hadfield defended his lead Ollie Chadwick fought his way up through the pack from thirty-ninth to third. He won the race with a 1.254 seconds lead.

During qualifying championship leader Ollie Chadwick suffered fuel pump issues which forced him to be unable to set a lap time meaning he starts the race from thirty-ninth. Chadwick was aware he had a tough race ahead of him with them all running in the same cars. At the front Jonathan Hadfield took advantage of the opportunity to hold off the challenge for the lead. His defence didn’t last long as Matt Chapman soon took to the inside line as the two headed into Stowe.

The race did not last very long as a spinner further back in the pack had an unfortunate touch from another competitor and was sent backwards into the path of Wells, who very unfortunately had nowhere to go and t-boned the spinner. Chadwick made a lightning start off the line and weaved his way through some of the slower cars off the line, he gained twenty-five places in just the first lap of the race. After two laps Chadwick was already up into seventh place. The safety car had to be deployed after the incident involving Wells. The marshals removed the stricken car from the circuit. This allowed for Jonathan Hadfield to make the most of the restart, he eventually managed to pass Chapman to take back the lead of the race. The fight between the two allowed the rest of the competitors to catch up. Ryan Hadfield made a pass on Jack Minshaw to take third.

After he lost the lead TCR driver Chapman was unable to maintain the momentum and gradually fell back into the grips of the cars behind. Ian Robinson and Ollie Chadwick formed a six car train for the lead of the race. After Chapman dropped to third Robinson went to make a daring overtake on the former leader but ended up sending Chapman spinning. As the race came to an end Jonathan Hadfield was beginning to look comfortable and content out ahead of the field. Matt Flowers was running in second with Ryan Hadfield running in third but the two were soon put under immense pressure. Ryan Hadfield was unable to hold off the championship leader Ollie Chadwick. Flowers took second, Chadwick took third with Hadfield in fourth.

Ian Robinson finished the race in fifth with Matt Palmer close behind in sixth. Jack Minshaw struggled throughout the race but was able to finish the race in seventh after running in third before running off track as the safety car was deployed. Glen Broster finished the busy race in eighth ahead of Chapman in ninth after he was spun and Alexis Taylor rounded out the top ten after dropping back during the final few laps of the race.


©Fay Tilley 12th June 2016.