At the start of race two Ryan Hadfield got a blinding start which saw him lead the race as the cars turned into Tower on the first lap. The lead of the race was soon taken from Hadfield by Chadwick as he managed to get back past before they crossed the line to complete the opening tour of the race. Once again Hadfield managed to reclaim the lead of the race on lap ten at Barcroft but was pushed wide by Chadwick making a lunge up the inside on the last lap. The duo ran side by side with tyres rubbing across the line. Xentek’s Ollie Chadwick won the race by 0.083 seconds ahead of Hadfield.

There was a brief safety car period brought out at the end of lap one after Mark Davenport and Steve Perez ended up beached in gravel during the opening lap of the race. Racing was back underway on lap four after the safety car peeled into the pits. The lead two were busy with their own battle, Jonathan Hadfield enjoyed his own race in third whilst Zapolski and Richardson fought with each other for the majority of the race. Behind the first five drivers there was an interesting battle heating up for sixth place. AM class driver Ian Robinson lead Jac Constable, Tom Hibbert, Matt Chapman, Matt Flowers and Dan Collinson for the majority of the race until Constable was able to pass on track before he was given a time penalty after taking the flag. Hibbert finished the race in sixth ahead of Matt Chapman in seventh. Robinson won the AM class of the race in eighth. Matt Flowers took ninth with Matt Palmer behind in tenth. Eleventh place went to Dan Collinson, twelfth was taken by Jac Constable although he finished sixth on the road but after the race he was handed a time penalty putting him back to twelfth. Thirteenth was Alex Toth-Jones with Alex Taylor in fourteenth and Steven Wells in fifteenth. Sixteenth across the line was Glen Broster with Brayden Fletcher in seventeenth, Ashley Marshall in eighteenth and Jonny Greenwood in nineteenth.

After being forced to retire from the first race Jack Minshaw did an amazing job to drive a spectacular recovery drive up through the grid from last place on the grid but after suffering some contact it dislodged his bonnet which severely restricted Minshaw’s visibility and despite the best effort being put in by the team he was forced to retire the car in the pit lane. Three other cars that retired from the race were: Steve Perez, Jose Ledesma and Mark Davenport. The drivers will now fight out the reaminder of the season on the British GT support bill but Chadwick may be able to secure the title next time out at Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium on the 8th and 9th of July.

©Fay Tilley 19th June 2016.