Recently we caught up and did a questions and answers session with Michael Epps, who currently race in the British Touring Car Championship under the RCIB Insurance Racing banner. Here is what we asked and found out from Michael:

Q) What’s your road car?

A) Audi A4

Q) KFC or McDonalds?


Q) Have you ever used being a racing driver to impress a lady

A) Who hasn’t? I try not to throw it in their face though, that’s just arrogance

Q) Favourite circuit and why?

A) Cadwell, if only it were a touch wider so we could race there!

Q) Describe your driving style

A) Smooth and consistent

Q) Any teammate’s past or present Worst habit

A) Chris Smiley – driving really crap rental cars

Q) Boxers or briefs?

A) Boxers… Who on earth wears briefs these days I don’t know

Q) Headlights or bumpers

A) Bumpers I guess

Q) Do you undergo any preparation prior to a race weekend?

A) Tons of it, guests, hospitality, setup, merchandise and things to give out, PR material, there is so much going on.

Q) What are your favourite past times?

A) The wins… Every win in my race career, those were all such good days and I hope to eventually have some more here.

Q) What do your fans mean to you?

A) The fans are the audience, they are the energy, the fuel for the sport. It’s nothing without them, so they mean everything.

Q) What is your ultimate career goal?

A) I’m not sure anymore, goals change every time you’re asked, I’ve been in so many directions now that my goal is just to win or succeed (whatever that may be) in what I’m doing. But I guess an ultimate goal would be to win a BTCC Championship or Le Mans.

Q) How did you wanting to race come about?

A) Lots of karting birthday occasions, lots of racing games, people said I’m really good at it so eventually the parents put me in a “proper” kart to find out… All went from there.

Q) Is/was budget ever a concern when you have moved up in to different series/championships?

A) It is always a concern. Even if you can afford it, you want to make sure you get your value for your budget. Not to sound bitter, but I have had a couple of regretful experiences with this in the past and I think you always have to be extra sharp with what gets spent and where.

Q) What is your favourite old car?

A) It’s not that old yet but…. The Godzilla… R32 GTR!

Q) What is your favourite new car?

A) Um…. The 2016 Dacia Duster…?

Q) Do you prefer front or rear wheel drive cars?

A) Annoyingly I prefer RWD as its just what I know from all other racing, driving it on the rear end… But I’m getting used to FWD weekend by weekend.

Q) If you could have your dream race car what would it be?

A) Jesus I have no idea really, a BTCC car is already pretty dreamy.

Q) What is your dream road car to own?

A) a proper Japanese import like a 1000hp R34 GTR or something. Big Nissan fan here, can you tell?

Q) What championship do you race in and why?

A) BTCC, because… Do I really need to say?

Q) What made you choose to race the car you do?

A) A number of reasons, because I had the opportunity mainly.


©Fay Tilley 23rd June 2016.