Photo Credit: Jakob Ebrey.

Recently we caught up with Beachdean AMR’s young gun Jack Bartholomew to ask him a few fun questions to allow fans to get to know Jack a little more. Here is what we asked Jack and what he told us:

Q) You’ve switched from single seater racing, is your aim still F1 or could you now see yourself like alot of the fans, switching now to wec?

A) My aim now is for sure Wec! That’s my end goal if possible!

Q) If you drive, what is your road car?

A) Road car is a dark blue 62 plate Mazda 2

Q) KFC or McDonald’s ?

A) Hmm depends what time but probs mcds

Q) Have you ever used being a racing driver to impress a lady ?

A) Kind of a guess it helps doesn’t it

Q) Favourite circuit and why?

A) Brands hatch, (so far) fast, flowing, old school drivers circuit!

Q) Describe your driving style?

A) Smooth and tactical

Q) Any teammate’s past or present worst habit?

A) Well I got crashed into a couple of times last year by a team mate?

Q) Boxers or briefs?

A) Boxers

Q)Headlights or bumpers?

A) Headlights

Q) Do you undergo any preparation prior to a race weekend?

A) I try to get at least 1 sim session and as much training in as possible always looking to increase fitness

Q) What are your favourite past times?

A) Fitness training, having a laugh with my mates whatever we may do on a particular day

Q) What do your fans mean to you?

A) Well if I have any fans, they mean a lot and I hope I can deliver good results to them and have a chance to chat over the year some time! Fans make motorsport what it is and I believe in giving them time!

Q) What is your ultimate career goal?

A) To have a paid GT/ prototype drive in any series

Q) How did you wanting to race come about?

A) Took to karting one holiday (Ibiza 2007) and it went from there!

Q) Is/was budget ever a concern when you have moved up in to different series/championships?

A) Budget is a constant concern, I have been very lucky to race karts for 7 years at top level and a year of single seaters, however single seaters is silly money which made GT racing more appealing but it is still expensive and sponsorship is always welcome and needed!

Q) What is your favourite old car?

A) Hmmm I quite like old ford mustangs

Q) What is your favourite new car?

A) I would love a Mercedes A class as a road car

Q) Do you prefer front or rear wheel drive cars?

A) Well I’ve only raced 2 cars both being rear and my road car is front, so I’ll go with rear wheel drive.

Q) If you could have your dream race car what would it be?

A) An F1 car from the mid 00’s as they sounded and performed the best.

Q) What is your dream road car to own?

A) Would love any sports car but especially An Aston Martin

Q) What championship do you race in and why?

A) British GT as the coverage and budget for it plus the route it could provide up seemed like the best option, so far very happy with the change and really enjoying it.

Q) What made you choose to race the car you do?

A) Similar to 21 the Aston provides a very fast car that is proven to win championships and races (as we have already done) it’s consistent and reliable and got loads of power, there is a route to move up within Aston Martin which is also a massive positive!

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