Ollie Chadwick fought to take the win during race two of the weekend on Friday, he beat Matt Chapman and secured the Ginetta GT5 Challenge title at the same time. Ollie Chadwick took the lead on the final lap of the race to secure his title. This achievement makes him known as one of the most dominant drivers in the series after claiming the title at Spa. He was determined to make up time on the leader but Chapman was wise and defended into the first corner. The top five stayed the same as where they started on the first lap but Chapman and Chadwick managed to pull away from the chasing pack. Ryan Hadfield had to get ahead of Chadwick and was frustrated to have to slot in behind him. During the opening lap of the race he had to sit and watch Chadwick drive off down the road.

Further back in the order Jonny Greenwood was handed a ten second penalty for a false start off the line. Chadwick managed to take the lead temporarily as the two leading cars swapped positions numerous times during the race. It was the battle for third that looked more like it would be deciding the championship. The Hadfield brothers began to be put under a lot of pressure as it began to rain lightly around the circuit. Jonathan Hadfield made a mistake which dropped him to eighth. Andy Richardson made a move on Ryan Hadfield to take third place. Jack Minshaw also took advantage of Hadfield struggling and passed the latter to take fourth place.

In the GRDC+ class Richard Evans managed to keep his rival Adrian Campbell-Smith at arms-length for the first half of the race, he held on until the final two laps of the race. The result shows a repeat of race one as the podium drivers broke away from the chasing pack. Chapman kept the lead until the penultimate lap, he held off Chadwick as the rain began to fall but with just one lap remaining, Chadwick managed to pass Chapman. Chadwick set a fastest second sector and won by a few seconds from Chapman.  No doubt Matt Chapman will be disappointed to have finished second after leading until the penultimate lap. Ryan Hadfield recovered to finish in third place.

With the results of race two, Ollie Chadwick is now the 2016 Ginetta GT5 Challenge Champion. The team made the most of it and took the opportunity to celebrate Chadwick becoming champion on the podium. They will head into the next race in high spirits.


©Fay Tilley 9th July 2016.