In race two there was a fantastic battle between Middleton, King and Brown for the final three podium positions of the year. The three drivers each led a lap of the race, Middleton led the early stages of the race before King and Brown dominated in the later stages of the race. As the three drivers swapped places both Fagg and Nicosia were able to close in and fill the wing mirrors of the top three. As the commotion began in the pack it saw Priaulx and Wood both sneak past to take fourth and fifth.

With the overall championships top two decided, Lewis Brown only needed four points to bypass the absent Dave Wooder to take third in the overall standings. Brown took the lead for the final time and stayed ahead to take the win. King did an amazing job to keep Middleton behind throughout the race. The runners up spot in the Rookie Cup was being fought for between King and Priaulx. As the flag was brought out to complete the race and the season King’s second place was not enough for him to bypass Priaulx in the standings. Priaulx finished the race in fourth but still got second in the Rookie cup.

©Fay Tilley 5th October 2016.