This Sunday (29th January) will see Martin Buchan take part in the first round of the Covkartsport Winter Series, which is taking place at Daytona Tamworth.  The day will see Martin partake in a seven-minute practice/qualifying session to allow drivers to gain familiarity with the circuit and kart, drivers work towards setting their fastest lap time. Then Martin will take part in the ‘Pre-final’ race, the grid for this race is set by times set in the practice/qualifying session. The fastest driver from each qualifying group will be on pole for each ‘pre-final’ but the groups from qualifying will be laterally mixed.  The ‘pre-final’ runs for approximately six minutes. The second race of the day is a little longer ‘finals’ race, which lasts for about ten or twelve minutes in an A, B C finals format with grids formed from the following results (in order of importance); -Pre-final finishing positions, qualifying group finishing position and qualifying lap times. Each driver scores a point for attendance in every race they start, this makes the maximum amount of points available at each Winter Series event 87 points. At the end of the day there is a podium presentation for the top three drivers from each class. Each of the podiums are produced by the top three drivers in the A final of each class.


For the Winter Series the rookie kart racer has entered in the ‘Lightweights’ class, for the opening round at Daytona Tamworth he will compete against twenty-five other competitors. The circuit is 1000 metres long and consists of eleven corners with straights of varying lengths, this circuit rewards adventurous drivers with overtaking opportunities on both straights and through the bends. The circuit is in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Martin is very excited for the first round of the series as he is looking forward to getting back out on track and seeing some old friends. He is hoping to have some fun along the way too. He has driven the Daytona Tamworth circuit a few times before and he is confident that he knows how to drive it. Martin has also been studying YouTube videos to help him this weekend. Martin is hoping that it is dry on Sunday as he knows he should be right towards the front whereas if it is wet he has no idea how he’ll get on. Overall Martin is hopeful that this first meeting will go well and be successful as he is motivated by winning trophies.

©Fay Tilley 28th January 2017.