Michael Epps is well known for competing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup and most recently in the British Touring Car Championship for Team Hard Racing. Michael joined the BTCC where he piloted a Toyota Avensis throughout the 2016 season. Recently Michael announced he will return to the British Touring Car Championship once again with Team Hard but this year he will be piloting a Volkswagen CC.

We asked Michael a few questions which allow fans to get to know the talented racer. On the road Michael drives an Audi A4 but his dream road car is a 1000hp R34 GTR or something similar. His favourite circuit is Cadwell Park but unfortunately because of the narrowness of the circuit the BTCC cannot race there. Michael’s driving style is smooth and consistent.


Photo Credit: Tilley Photography.

When asked about which of his former teammates has the worst habit he responded with Chris Smiley because he drives bad rental cars. Michael does quite a bit to prepare for the race weekends, he has to; organize guests who are attending for him, hospitality, helping to set up, organizing merchandise and things to hand out to fans as well as PR material…he is one busy driver. His favourite part of racing is the wins, he treasures all of his memories where he won races and hopes to win a BTCC race someday.

Michael believes the fans are the energy and the fuel of the sport, it would not be anything without the fans. His ultimate career goal is to win and succeed in everything he does and he hopes to one day be a BTCC Champion.

The reason Michael began wanting to race was because he spent a lot of birthday at karting events as well as playing racing games – people told him he was good at it so his parents put him into a competitive kart and that’s where his career began. His favourite old style car is The Godzilla – R32 GTR whereas his favourite new car is the 2016 Dacia Duster.

Michael prefers rear wheel drive cars because its what he knows from other racing he has done in the past. He chose to race in the British Touring Car Championship because it is the pinnacle of British motorsport.

©Fay Tilley 14th February 2017.