BMW Pirtek Racing’s Andrew Jordan finished a tough weekend with a positive win in race three. He was followed home by Ciceley Motorsport’s Adam Morgan and Adrian Flux Subaru Racing’s Jason Plato.

Jordan got a good start off the line, leading ahead of Morgan and Eurotech Racing’s Jack Goff. The latter two were on the tail of Jordan’s BMW. For the opening laps Jordan and Morgan were battling hard but giving eachother enough room to battle, but Jordan stayed ahead.

The order on lap three was; Jordan, Morgan, Goff, Plato, Collard, Ingram, Turkington, M Jackson, Proctor and Smiley. On the following lap the top seven were covering a rather small patch of the circuits tarmac with Jordan still holding the lead.

Lap five saw Power Maxed Racing’s Senna Proctor managed to pass Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo’s Mat Jackson to take eighth. Whilst pursuing and passing Jackson the youngster managed to set the fastest lap of the race. Plato arrived on the tail of Jack Goff’s Honda with the former aiming for silverware. Whilst Plato was trying to pass the Honda it allowed Team BMW’s Rob Collard to close in and take a lunge. Plato was able to defend and keep his position on lap eight.

On lap ten the leading duo of Jordan and Morgan began pulling away from the chasing pack. The following lap saw a fairly big impact occur between MG Racing RCIB Insurance’s Josh Cook and Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport’s Stephen Jelley, resulting in the latters race being ended on the spot.

Two laps later Team BMW’s Rob Collard managed to find his way past Plato at Tarzan. The BMW driver then began crawling over the bumper of Goff. Adrian Flux Subaru Racing’s Ash Sutton managed to pass Team BMW’s Colin Turkington to take sixth.

On lap fourteen the safety car was deployed following contact between Jack Goff and Rob Collard due to the latter ending up in the gravel trap with broken suspension.

Lap sixteen and the racing was back underway, Jordan got a good restart ahead of Morgan, Plato, Goff, Sutton, Turkington, Ingram, Proctor, Smiley and Newsham.
Halfords Yuasa Racing’s Gordon Shedden recovered to thirteenth, which became twelfth after his teammate Matt Neal let him past.Andrew Jordan held on to take the win followed closely by Morgan with Plato in third.

Full classification:
1) Andrew Jordan – BMW Pirtek Racing
2) Adam Morgan – Ciceley Motorsport
3) Jason Plato – Adrian Flux Subaru Racing
4) Jack Goff – Eurotech Racing
5) Ashley Sutton – Adrian Flux Subaru Racing
6) Colin Turkington – Team BMW
7) Senna Proctor – Power Maxed Racing
8) Tom Ingram – Speedworks Motorsport
9) Chris Smiley – BTC Norlin Racing
10) Dave Newsham – BTC Norlin Racing
11) Ollie Jackson – with Cobra Exhausts
12) Gordon Shedden – Halfords Yuasa Racing
13) Matt Neal – Halfords Yuasa Racing
14) Rory Butcher – Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo
15) Mat Jackson – Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo
16) Jake Hill – TAG Racing
17) Aiden Moffat – Laser Tools Racing
18) Matt Simpson – Simpson Racing
19) Michael Epps – Auto Aid/RCIB Insurance Racing
20) Aron Taylor – Smith – MG Racing RCIB Insurance
21) Brett Smith – Eurotech Racing
22) Stewart Lines – Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport
23) Martin Depper – Team Shredded Wheat Racing with Duo
24) Tom Chilton – Power Maxed Racing
DNF – Rob Austin – Handy Motorsport
DNF – Rob Collard – Team BMW
DNF – Josh Cook – MG Racing RCIB Insurance
DNF – Stephen Jelley – Team Parker with Maximum Motorsport
DNF – Josh Price – A-Plan Academy
DNF – James Cole – Adrian Flux Subaru Racing
DNF – Ant Whorton – Eales – with Cobra Exhausts
DNF – Will Burns – Auto Aid/RCIB Insurance Racing

Photo Source:
Fay Tilley 27th August 2017